The Contra Costa County Sheriff and Board of Supervisors are proposing to spend $95 million in taxpayer money expanding the West County Detention Center. Our County and communities need services, not more cells. 

At least $25 million is coming from reserve funds (set aside for an economic downturn) and general funds, that should be spent on basic services like youth services, healthcare, libraries, law enforcement in our communities and infrastructure, not on a massive jail expansion.

Contra Costa County data has shown racial disparities at every stage of the criminal justice process within the County. County funds need to go towards community-based human services like rehabilitation and preventative services, to address these disparities and help all who live here.

We OPPOSE the Contra Costa County Sheriff's contract with ICE because this collaboration creates fear, separates families, incentivizes racial profiling and further erodes public trust in County law enforcement. 

  • ICE pays the Sheriff’s Department $82 per day, per detainee, to hold people at the West County Detention Facility. 
  • This could include “Dreamers” young people who were brought to this country as young children, without a choice, but who have never known any other home. 
  • Two of the five ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) detention centers in California are in Contra Costa County. 
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